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31 Jan / Doritos “Crashes” the Super Bowl

Doritos Crash the Super BowlOver the past few years, Super Bowl fans have evolved from just watching the game to savoring the commercials to interacting through all forms of social media. Food and beverage brands compete to make their snack or drink the refreshment you crave during the big game. With a price tag for just a thirty second slot and an expected audience of all but 7 of every 1,000 viewers, each commercial spot is well worth the large investment—if executed efficiently.

Since 2006, Doritos has made their Super Bowl ads “social.” They don’t just send out a tweet or post a video, like many of their competitors do. Instead, they host their annual “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, inviting participants to submit a 30-second Doritos ad to be judged by fans through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The five fan favorites each receive a ticket to the Super Bowl, where they will find out live if their ad “Crashed the Super Bowl!” Along with receiving the $1 million prize, the lucky winner may get the chance to work on the next installment of “Transformers,” directed by Michael Bay. So, why not enter? To not only go to the Super Bowl, but also be part of a commercial people will be talking about for years!

So, will Doritos ads stand up another year above the rest? Or will a competitor such as Anheuser-Busch, reportedly launching a new beer during the game (for the second year in a row), become a new fan favorite? Here are some of our favorite finalists from the 2013 “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. Which is your favorite?

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