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27 Oct / Sabre Introduces Florida Hotel Nationwide Through Search Engine Optimization

The Sandhurst Hotel & SuitesSandhurst hotel offers waterfront accommodations in the tropical setting of Ft. Pierce. The owners of the Sandhurst approached Sabre Digital Creative in need of a new website design for the hotel. “Something relaxing,” they proposed. “Something easy to use. Something that reflects the soothing, peaceful atmosphere that our guests have come to know and expect.”

To fill the order, Sabre designed and developed an all new, customized website with an easy-to-use architecture, integrated with a revised, more user-friendly reservation system. Sabre also optimized the site for search engines to draw attention to the hotel’s location in cyberspace.

Essential information for travelers in the Ft. Pierce area is now available throughout the updated pages of the Sandhurst site. Highlights include descriptions and photos of the Sandhurst’s room accommodations; links to the area’s attractions; distances to key landmarks; and a comprehensive photo gallery, built in FLASH, featuring a contact sheet of the hotel’s amenities with large, detailed views of each photo.

Finally, Sabre developed and managed a click-through campaign that specifically targets various regions of the U.S. to drive interest to the hotel using keyword triggers and custom advertising through various search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!. The Sandhurst was amazed at the ability to focus the campaign to users across the country seeking Florida as their vacation destination.

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